Management Statement Template

A management statement template is a document that is prepared to give an outline to the structure of an actual management statement that is framed by most companies and organizations to keep a record of the areas that need to be managed and the various processes for doing so. The template should contain the basic outline and be provided with enough spaces that will be filled in as per the firm’s requirements. The general outlook of all management statement templates should be focused on the primary objectives and the corresponding nature of a management statement.

Sample Management Statement Template:

Management Statement for: ___________________________________ [mention the name of the organization for whom the management statement is prepared]

Management statement as on: ________________ [mention the date of framing the statement]

Term of validity: ______________________ [mention the exact duration for which these management strategies will remain valid and effective]

[Give proper date(s) of commencement and termination in an appropriate manner]

Management statement prepared by: _____________________________________ [mention the name(s) of individual, team members, or agency preparing the statement for management]

Management statement approved by: ___________________________ [mention the name of respective individual or department]


______________________________________________________________________ [give a brief overview of the basic nature of the respective management statement, mentioning its relevance to the nature of work in the concerned sector]

Objectives of the management statement:

  • ________________________ [Objective 1]
  • ________________________ [Objective 2]
  • ________________________ [Objective 3]

[Mention the purposes and areas of concern of the management statement]

Management Statement:




[Describe the complete management statement, including every minute detail of the plan of management and its various aspects, possible impact, areas of importance and care, rating of various activities, distribution of tasks, etc.]

Contact details:

_________________________ [telephone number]

_________________________ [email address]

[Give contact details of individual/ department to be consulted in need]