Logistics Management Statement

The logistics management statement of a company/ entity is an official statement issued by the entity that suggests all that is done within the organisation when it comes to the logistics department of the company. Such a statement will present the details about the logistics department’s day to day operations and the management methods followed within the department. .Given below is a logistics management statement for your reference.

Sample Logistics Management Statement:

Date: 5th April 2012

Company Name: Ronda Pier Group Pvt. Ltd.

Headquarters Location: State of Michigan, United States.

The Company Aim:

We are a group of executives and a family of numerous employees all of whom strive to achieve excellence in every step they take as a part of the Ronda Pier Group.

The aim with which the company was established is solely to thrive on hard work and achieve excellence in every endeavour we take up. We wish to see a world where customers are happy and satisfied with every penny of their hard earned money they spend on our products and services.

Logistics Department:

The logistics department forms an integral part of the organisation and is responsible for supplying our products to all of our treasured customers in all the part of the world. The huge logistics in the company are handled with well trained and reliable officials.

All the officials of the company work to fulfil following:

  • To make sure that all of the company’s obligations are met in time and that logistics is never a cause of any disruption.
  • To work in coordination with all the other departments for it is not just one department but the company as the whole that is being served by every single unit.
  • We believe that a problem of one unit is a problem of all and must be resolved with best possible joint efforts.