Legal Statements

Legal statements are presented by the individuals or parties involved in a court case or litigation. It presents their side of the argument in order to assess all points of view and opinions and present a fair and just decree. Legal statements are of immense importance, hence, as the fate of a trial depends on the accuracy and value of the statements. A legal statement is usually composed of the following facts:

  • Personal details of the person/party framing the legal statement: This includes details like the name and address of the plaintiff. Some additional details like profession are also mentioned depending on their bearing on the case itself.
  • Details of the actual occurrence, which has led to a case being filed: This is the most important section of the legal statement as it includes details of the events that have transpired. It will form the chief basis on which the case will commence.
  • Personal and subjective viewpoint: This section of the legal statement frames the crux of the matter from the subjective point of view of the plaintiff or defendant as the case may be. It is a crucial section as well.
  • Finer points of the case and judgment sought: This section of the legal statement must deal with the kind of penalty or judgment wanted by both parties. It must be framed carefully. Any evidence that can be brought to corroborate on the case must also be mentioned
  • The legal formalities must be completed with a signature of the farmer of the legal statement.

Legal statements must be written in a concise manner eschewing all vagueness. It serves as the beginning of a trial and hence it must be legally apt, perfect and crisp. At this site you can browse through wide range of sample legal statements as per your needs and requirements.

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