Legal Statement Template

A legal statement is a document which acts as a frame for the compilation of any legal proceedings. Though every legal statement will differ depending on its particulars, there are certain areas which are common to all. They are written after a particular format and thus a legal statement template eliminates the chance of a mistake.

Sample Legal Statement Template:

Affidavit against Ragging

Annexure: _________________________________ [Mention the annexure number of the legal statement]

I, _______________________ [Mention the name of the deponent], daughter/son of _____________________ [Name of the guardian], a student of _______________ [Name of the college], registration/admission/enrollment number ____________________ [Provide relevant number], hereby solemnly promise before law to never participate or abet any act which can be constituted as ragging under the guidelines provided by the University Commission [referred to subsequently only as ‘Guidelines’].

I declare that I have read and understood the terms and conditions under the Guidelines, especially clause ____________ [State the relevant clause] which outlines the penalty I shall incur if I am found guilty of ragging or abetting ragging. I also promise to report to the authorities any incident of ragging that I am witness to at once, thereby saving the campus from such a menace.

My guardian is also aware of the stipulations put forward by the University Commission and they support me in my declaration before the law. All information provided here is true to my knowledge.

Date: ______________________________

Place: ______________________________

Signature of deponent: ___________________________________

Signature of guardian: ____________________________________

Signature of advocate: ___________________________________ [Provide relevant details to complete the legal statement]

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