Legal Statement Letter

A legal statement letter is a document that is usually prepared in the form of an official letter, to bring certain topic that has legal implications under the notice of the government or the concerned authority that maintains law and order of the State. This type of a letter generally contains a favourable stand to the issue, on the part of the deponent, with records and authentic evidence that proves the individual’s state in the legal proceedings.

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Sample Legal Statement Letter:

Legal Statement Letter

Download Legal Statement Letter


The Judge

Glendale High Court

Hervey Avenue, Los Angeles

19th February, 2011

Respected Sir,

This is to inform you that I, on behalf of my client Mr. Jim Kristen Stewart, seek legal help from the State for retrieval of my property [19-B/II, Houston Apartment, Los Angeles; plot no.:93202] from Mark Leslie [promoter]. The land had been given under the condition that a three-storey apartment will be built [flat design and provisions have been provided along with this document. Kindly check them] within a period of one (1) year, in exchange of an advance of $945000 and a sum of $1560000 to be paid later, on completion of the project.

The agreement contained the clause that no interference will be done in the work during the corresponding span of time. However, it has been an additional eight months period now but no signs of development are seen. The promoter has also severed all contacts and had, during the last interaction, refused any form of contract having been signed. We would thus request the law of the State to kindly look into the matter.

Hoping for your earliest action.

Yours sincerely,

John Peterson


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