Legal Statement Format

A legal statement is an edict issued by law or a legally valid document like an affidavit or a lease. It can also be a judgment which is recorded in the form of a document like a succession certificate. A legal statement can also be a document presented by a deponent which is validated by the law. In this case, it needs to be written properly and correctly.

Sample Legal Statement Format

Date: _____________________

Annexure number: ___________

Subject: ____________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph of a legal statement format must outline the issue for which the statement is being made. It must be absolutely unambiguous and lay out the information about the participants in the legal matter. The facts must be presented clearly and all matter should be supported with attested photocopies of identification documents as is necessary in a legal document. The requisite charge on which the legal statement s being propounded must also be stated clearly.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph of a legal statement format must continue enlisting the numerous details which must form a part of such a document. Apart from the personal information regarding applicants and other persons involved in the legal matter, the facts about the case must also be specified. In case of affidavits, the terms and conditions and the penalty which will be incurred on their violation must be noted.

Third Paragraph: The third paragraph of a legal statement must form a suitable conclusion to the legal statement. The signatures of the necessary personnel must be incorporated and the details provided earlier can be summed up again.

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