Legal Research Issue Statement

A legal research issue statement is a paperwork which demonstrates a particular topic, related to legal proceedings, on which a research work is being carried out or about to be undertaken. The statement should clearly depict the backdrop of the research, the purpose of the study, and the expected result to be derived. Being a legal document, it is obvious that such a statement should essentially be designed by a legal expert. The use of words should also be done intelligently so as to avoid any ambiguity and hassle.

Sample Legal Research Issue Statement

This is an excerpt from the Legal Research Issue Statement published by ABC College of Law as a project work for final semester.

Backdrop of the Research

The landlord-tenant feud has long been a cause of grave social issues which often lead to legal involvement. This study will focus on some of the many points that often cause dispute between the landlord and the tenant. The study will also try to find solution, and its feasibility, to the identified problems.

Purpose of the study

The following issues pertaining to landlord-tenant relation will be studied as part of this research work-

  1. Standardization of rate of increment for commercial and domestic tenancy.
  2. Flow of tenancy and ownership from parent to child.
  3. Automatic ownership from tenancy after a certain period of tenancy.

Expected Result to be derived

  1. The rent for both commercial and domestic tenancy should be incremented on an annual basis. The rate of increment will be more for commercial tenancy as compared to its domestic counterpart.
  2. The tenancy will flow from parent to child after the death of parent only if the period of tenancy for the deceased parent is more than 15 years.
  3. The tenant will automatically fetch ownership, in case of commercial tenancy, only if the period of tenancy is more than 20 uninterrupted years.

For details on all these clauses, refer to the original version of the statement