Legal Position Statement

A legal position statement is generally prepared to present in clear terms a company, person, or an organization’s plans and purpose regarding a certain legal issue, and the corresponding strategies and decisions. This type of a statement differs from a legal order wherein advice is given on the concerned topic. Such a legal statement that describes the position of an individual or company must state all points in a clear and compact manner and include the effects of the legal position as well.

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Sample Legal Position Statement:

Legal Position Statement

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Legal Position Statement for

M/s Grewall Companies

9/P, Red Street, San Francisco

00 1 – 415 – 27382192

Statement number: 9382

Date: 7th July, 2011 (07.07.2011)

Purpose: The basic objective of this legal position statement is to emphasize on the positioning of our company, from the legal point of view, in consideration of the completion of our 10th fiscal year[date of establishment: 5th July,2001].

Legal Position Statement:

This legal position statement is to declare that M/s Grewall Companies has been delivering an unflinching performance in the area of import and export of textile goods. The products and services delivered by us have always been in the perfect state. There are not any debts or liabilities in the current span [5th July, 2001 – 5th July, 2011] and shares and stocks are also distributed and held legally. Customer satisfaction is an important agenda of our company and we sincerely stick to it.

The attested photocopies of legal documents representing the current company status have been enclosed herein.

Legal Position Statement prepared by: Mr. Jim Rogers

Senior Advocate



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