Legal Personal Statement

A legal personal statement is a document which outlines an individual’s personal statement regarding a legal issue. The most common example of a legal personal statement is a VPS or Victim Personal Statement which describes the effect of crime on the victim in the victim’s own words. It must be written in a manner which makes it admissible to the law, and it should be factually correct, honest and an accurate rendering of the effect of crime on a victim. This may be used in the proceedings of a case.

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Sample Legal Personal Statement:

Legal Personal Statement

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This is to inform that I, Roberta Mary Gomes, am the plaintiff in case number 45334, under the jurisdiction of the New York Criminal Court. I was molested by the defendant, Samuel Johnson, on the 4th day of the month of May, 2011, at around 9 in the night in Tabard’s Inn in Southwark Park. The offender was under the influence of alcohol and he made lewd remarks at me. I was with two other companions [names and addressed provided overleaf]. On raising an alarm, the offender grabbed me and outraged my modesty.

This heinous crime has caused deep unease and trauma to me and my family. I am in constant anxiety about my well being and that of my family members especially if the defendant is granted bail. He has threatened me with dire consequences and this is a source of deep concern for us. This victim personal statement has been written by me of my own free volition and all the information provided here is true to my knowledge.

Signature of victim: _________________________

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