Legal Mission Statement

A legal mission statement is a document which is based on the legal declarations and proclamations and is issued by a law firm. It acts as a supportive base on which the general aims and goals of the legal organization are embedded to be repeatedly referred to and utilised in the firm. Thus it should be well-defined and comprehensible.

You can Download the Free Legal Mission Statement form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Legal Mission Statement is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Legal Mission Statement

Legal Mission Statement

Download Legal Mission Statement

Statement 1: This legal mission statement of Betty Law Firm furnishes the prerequisites of the membership and registration of the firm with the Association of Legal Administrators which ensures complete reliability of the legal operations taking place within the organization. [Refer to annexure 1 for details about this domain]

Statement 2: It lays down a set of educational qualifications for its employees that are directly backed by the American Bar Association to ensure superior standards of the legal representatives and advocates. The professionalism of the employees banks on this particular domain. [Refer to annexure 2 for details about this domain]

Statement 3: It provides an assurance of the fact that the liabilities of the legal upheavals and commotion resulting from erroneous or disordered reproduction of documents or misunderstanding of the situations represented in the legal setting will be taken by the organization under certain conditions. [Refer to annexure 3 for details about this domain]

Statement 4: It sets the fact that the working of the firm is restricted to the conditions paved by the federal and national laws of the state and does not proceed beyond the jurisdiction of the court. [Refer to annexure 4 for details about this domain]

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