Legal Issue Statement

A legal issue statement is a document which is part of the process of legal research and involves the stating of the main issue at hand in a particular case of the law. It is either stated in the form of a statement or in the form of a question which needs to be resolved. The statement of the issue is followed by comments on the part of the lawyer or legal researcher. It is a crucial step as the statement of the issue in the most clear and unambiguous terms can often lead to speedy solutions.

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Sample Legal Issue Statement:

Legal Issue Statement

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Statement of issue [Appellate Brief page 1]

The issue in case number 343746745 under the New York Sessions Court has United Motor Company as the respondent and Mr. Kevin Connor as the petitioner. The case has been initiated by the petitioner who claims that the responder refused to pay damages to her car, which it promised in writing that it would, upon being damaged in an accident. They have cited article 45 B of their Service Contract as backing their decision to not pay the petitioner damage charges.

The petitioner also claims that the damage was partly caused by defects in the automobile itself [model number Xenta 37464, License plate number AU2746654]. The case has been initiated by the petitioner on the 4th of April 2011 and the responder has sent in their rejoinder on 5th April 2011. The date for the hearing is 24th May 2011.

There are five possible legal rejoinders to this issue at hand. [Check overleaf for more on the possible solutions].

Signature of advocate: __________________

Date: 12th April 2011

Place: New York

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