Legal Disclaimer Statement

A legal disclaimer is a statement that is used to restrict or specify the rights that both parties will exercise in a legally bind relation. As this is a legal document, utmost care should be taken to make its wordings unambiguous and exact. Based on the content and type of parties involved, legal disclaimer statements can be of various kinds. However, irrespective of its kind, it is advisable to seek help from a concerned professional prior framing a legal disclaimer.

Sample Legal Disclaimer Statement

This legal disclaimer statement is an appended part of the blog and every article of the blog invariably comes under the points mentioned in the following disclaimer statement. Any individual, organization, or association of any kind, submitting or perusing articles in this site has to abide by the disclaimer.

Disclaimer Statement

Each and every article posted in this site are written by individual writers or groups and the content, characters, medical and legal procedures depicted, if any, are their opinion and the owner of the site is no way responsible for any social or legal obligations arising out of those.

The writer of each article has published their name and other personal and professional information as deemed necessary by them, along with their articles. However, the owner of the site bears no responsibility as far as the genuineness of this information is concerned.

The site owner/s bears the sole right to hide, delete or remove any article from the site without any prior notice to the concerned writer. However, this does not include the right of the site owner to modify the article and publish it. Also, the owner/s is not allowed to use the article/s in any way, whatsoever. If any article owner finds the website owner doing so, appropriate legal actions may be taken against him.