Legal Copyright Statement

A legal copyright statement is a document which enunciates the rights granted exclusively to the creator of a work by strength of which he can manoeuvre the use of the work in any fashion for a limited time period. Thus, the document has to be written carefully by stating the conditions under which legal actions may be generated.

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Sample Legal Copyright Statement

Legal Copyright Statement

Download Legal Copyright Statement

Name of the work: The Brain has its own Mind

Name of the author: Rosella Hudson

Nature of work: Scientific Account (Biology)

Date of publication: 6th July, 2011

Purpose of the statement: The statement aims at preserving the rights of the author over his creation and benefitting the society at large by providing a boost to the original thinking and inventions of the aspiring novelists and writers.

The following statements draw attention to the legal rights bestowed by the government and the copyright infringement edict under the federal Copyright Law of the United States:

1. It would allow the author to reproduce and display the work in other medium like motion pictures, soft copies, dramatic representations and audio-visual method.

2. It would allow the author to translate and retell the plot of the work into different languages apart from the original language it was created in initially.

3. It would allow the author to market, advertise and broadcast the work to stimulate its sale and penetration into the competition market.

4. It would penalise any person or party accused and proved of plagiarism or duplication of the original work in any way without the owner’s written consent during the copyright period.

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