Law School Personal Statement

A law school personal statement captures the uniqueness of the personality and abilities of a person that are directly impressionable. It is given in an attempt to seek admission at a reputed law school and thus requires to be written sensibly yet honestly. The eligibility information should be given within the framework of the essay topic.

Sample Law School Personal Statement

Name of organization: Great Eastern Law College

Name of candidate: Miss Jessica Parker

Purpose of statement: The purpose of writing this statement is to stand out from the crowd of letters and to get admission into the institution in the 2011-2015 sessions. I am deeply inspired by the organization’s prospects and the gamut of contacts it brandishes through its prospectus.

Personal Statement:

As the topic of the essay given states “Law in your eyes”, I would like to say that law should be the same in everyone’s eyes and not be heterogeneously viewed. Since I am a man of ethics, I consider misdemeanor the most loathsome deed committed by any human.

I regard law as the eventual answer to make a person pay in a way most deserving for him. I have pursued studies on psychology, politics and environmental science with enthusiasm till graduation from elementary school in order to lay the foundation of law studies fervently. My score card would depict the level of hard work put in.

My external knowledge based on books and news empowers me to judge a person, without discrimination, and decide his providence on the basis of the deed he has committed or avoided intentionally.

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