Law Personal Statement

A law personal statement is an official document which focuses on the ardor of a person with respect to law studies or practices or simply law in general. It underscores the person’s argument skill as it forms an integral part of the profession. It should be written thoughtfully in order to ensure a significant period of stay in the law industry.

Sample Law Personal Statement

Student’s information:

Name of student: German Nob

Date of birth: 6th October, 1989

Career objective: I want to pursue Law as my future profession as I want to bring the crime scenario of the country to a standstill. I am highly interested in criminology and want to start off as a criminal lawyer.

Current educational status:  Law Graduate

Institution’s information:

Name of school last attended: National Law School

Name of principal: Miss Kelly Gomes

Academic records: The school records indicate that I have been a good student throughout and showed profound signs of academic development from one grade to another.

Program participation:

  • In-house Annual Debates
  • Internship with Geneva Legal Consultancy Firm

Law personal statement:

I am intrigued by the link that all social, financial, organization, personal and environmental issues have with law. It is so inevitable that it comes in the way of everything. The scope of its work is vast and immeasurable. I feel that my university degree coupled with personal inclination towards solving legal cases gives me an edge over others. The ability to argue and contradict with logic lends me confidence while the ability to convince lends me power and control over others.

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