IT Service Statement

An IT service statement is one that is drafted by an IT company to describe the various areas of expertise and scope of work. The statement provides various details of the IT services that will be delivered during the course of the project. An IT service statement provides details which include scope of the IT services, objectives of the IT services, supportive documents, performance and progress report and lastly the quality assurance plan. A sample IT service statement is provided here under for best use by an IT services company.

Sample IT Service Statement

Name of the IT services company                 –    M/s Heath IT Services

Address of IT services company                   –    #46, Sutton-In-Ash field, Nottinghamshire, London, NG17

Contact no of IT services company               –    222-444-6666

Email address of IT services company          –

Registration no of IT services company        –    EPIT4455

Scope of Work

  • Providing expert services for IT companies by offering technical expertise, IT staff etc essential for the IT Company.
  • Provide services according to IT industry service standards and quality specifications.
  • Provide details of contingency plans as and when necessary for IT services being provided.

Objectives of Work

  • Analyze IT services requirement and provide suggestions for infrastructure implementation.
  • Provide regulatory framework for IT services.
  • Provide channels of information flow with integration of various processes involved in IT services.

Supportive Documents for IT Services

  • Legislative requirements supportive documents such as license, permits etc.

Performance Report

  • Periodic performance and report for evaluation of progress of IT services provided.
  • Analysis of cost benefit ratio for profitable application of IT services being provided.

Quality Assurance Plan 

  • Provide IT services deliverables according to time schedule defined at the beginning.
  • Adhere to quality standards as stipulated initially.
  • Adherence to mode of delivery of IT services as specified earlier.