IT Career Statement

To apply for a job in the field or industry of Information Technology, a person or an applicant needs to prepare an application letter, a convincing CV and a very strong cover letter. One part of these application credentials is an IT career statement which expresses the inclination or interest of the candidate in the IT job or a career in the IT industry. The statement must be strong and should be able to indicate the career objective of the candidate along with the reason why the particular job can help him/her achieve those objectives. Given below is a sample of an IT career statement which can be used for reference by anyone.

Sample IT Career Statement:

Name of the applicant: Martha Lewis

Age of the applicant: 29 years

Gender of the applicant: female

Job position applied for: IT Sales manager

Company of application: Vanilla IT Solutions and products

Address of the company: A-23, first floor, jess tower, bridge town road, Upper east, London

Educational Qualifications:

  • Completed high school education from London School for Girls in 2004
  • Completed bachelor’s degree in Information and Technology Hons from Liverpool University in 2007.
  • Completed a diploma certificate course in IT Sales from London in 2008.

Work experience

  • Worked as an IT Sales executive at Bernard Shaw corporation from 2009-2011.
  • Worked as an IT Sales manager at Richmond IT Solutions from 2011-2014

Objective Statement:

Seeking a job position of an IT Sales manager at a respected and reputed IT company where I would be given a challenging role to fulfil. My aim is to work to the best of my potential and to utilize my extensive working experience and my rich educational qualifications in the best way possible.  I wish to work my way up to become an IT Department head with continuous learning and hardwork.