Interim Management Statement

An interim management statement is a document which conveys the financial status of a company or a business organization for an interim period of time, or by a management that is temporary. Often when companies undergo turmoil, or as part of a process of change and re-evaluation, interim managements are kept in place to tide things over. A statement issued by such an interim management is called an interim management statement and it is like any other financial or business statement issued by the company at any other time.

The interim management statement should be clear and transparent with all the required information about the company’s performance being provided.

Sample Interim Management Statement

Sync Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

23 Kensington Park Estate

New York

Interim Management Statement

Dated: 12th June 2012

Sync Solutions Pvt. Ltd.” is hereby releasing an INTERIM MANAGEMENT STATEMENT covering the changes made to the management committee for a period of TWO MONTHS, starting from 15th June 2012 to 15th August 2012.

Company performance:

The performance of the company over the last fiscal year has been good. The like-for-like revenue increase in the fiscal year from April 2011 to April 2012 is represented as follows:

  • Computer Hardware Sales: 3% increase
  • Computer  Software Sales: 9% increase
  • Computer Repair and Maintenance sales: 3% increase

Interim Management Officials:

The interim management consists of the following officials, who are eligible for re-election to the posts mentioned below upon an appraisal of the board. The re-election shall occur in the month of August 2012.

  • Chief executive officer, Sales: Jason Wu
  • Chief executive office, Finance: Duncan Jones
  • Chief Assistant Office, Sales: Kate Millet
  • Chief Accountant: Michelle Bardot

Financial Position of the company:

The company remains in a competent financial position with investment grade credit rankings and room for negotiation under its debt facilities.