Income Statement Letter

The income statement letter is an important document that summarizes the income of a particular employed individual which is sent to the income tax department. This is done either to receive rebates or to inform about the change in income which will be liable to different tax deductions and allowances. This is mandatory and the employee must also state the employer’s information along with the exact amount of salary received either on per month or per annum basis.

Sample Income Statement Letter:

4th February, 2012

Miss Tyler Cruz,

Income Tax Department,

Beach Court,

Wisconsin- 23345

Respected Madam,

I hereby present to you a statement of the monthly income that has been paid by my employers ADAM & EVE Co. I am sending this in order to get a rebate on the income tax which is to be deducted from my annual income.

My employment with ADAM & EVE Co has been since April 2008 and my starting salary per month was $ 10,000. This was not within the tax payable bracket. I have been recently promoted and hence my new salary has increased to $ 19,000. This comes under the tax deductible bracket.

According to the newly issued tax laws, I am entitled to receive a certain rebate on my yearly salary as tax. I have attached all relevant documents that are pertaining to the allowances. I hereby provide all the statements of my income which will allow me to receive the rebate. I look forward to a confirmation.

Thanking you,


Mark LeBlanc