Higher Education Policy Statement

A higher education policy statement is a document which outlines the stand adopted by an educational institution or board, or even a government or private agency, towards higher education. Higher education is critical and must be made available to everyone who desires and deserves to pursue it. Hence, the policy taken towards higher education assumes especial importance. The document must be framed with mutual consent of everyone connected with the institution and the policy must be stated in a clear and comprehensive manner.

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Sample Higher Education Statement:

Higher Education Policy Statement

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Name of higher educational institution: Delphi University

Year of establishment: 1923

Nature of higher education institution: Delphi University offers courses in the Humanities and the social sciences, as well as the pure sciences. We also offer some niche, but emerging courses like Nanotechnology, Print history and book history. We also offer courses like Management Studies and Finances.

Higher education policy statement framed by: The Executive Council of the university [check overleaf to see names and qualifications of individual members], which is also the highest decision-making body of the university, in conjunction with the heads of each faculty.

Main tenets of higher education policy statement:

  • We believe in inclusivity in our higher education approach. We encourage students from all backgrounds to apply to this university if they succeed in meeting the academic criteria.
  • Our seats are open for all students. Students will get a level playing field and there is no reservation of seats for anyone. All our courses admit students through rigorous admission tests and hence, everyone gets a fair chance.

Date: 12th June 2011

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