Graphic Design Business Statement

A graphic design business statement is a statement which indicates the aim, objective and mission of the graphic design business company and a brief of how it aims to achieve it.The statement is issued to inform the customers, clients and others about the manner in which the business aims to work and the kinds of goals it wishes to achieve through its efforts. A graphic design business statement expresses the ideas, ideologies and the vision of the company and is written using a professional tone. A sample of a graphic design business statement is given below and can be used by anyone for reference

Sample Graphic Design Business Statement:

Name of graphic design company: Oak Graphics Private Limited

Address of the company: A-34, west wind road, Pink Street, London, UK

Date of statement issuing: 18th May 2014

Name of the owner of the company: Richard Bernard

Our aims:

  • We hope to provide every customer and client of ours with the ability to be able to experience top level graphics in such a way that is both beneficial and useful for them.
  • It is our aim to promise you the highest quality of graphic design as well as customer service that can take the client’s business to the next level.

Our mission:

  • Our mission is to be highly competitive in this fast changing marketplace and industry which demands something new every day.
  • Our mission is to deliver the most creative innovative, unique and cost effective graphic design services to our long list of clients and customers.

Our Vision:

  • We see a future full of possibilities, of growth and of success for ourselves as we function only with great hardwork, honesty and creativity. We see a future of the most modern day graphic designing solutions and would work to deliver better than the best always.