Financial Statement Template

Financial statement template is the layout of that document which helps to maintain financial record of a business, person or entity. Hence, such kind of statement template is utilized to outline important aspects so that a thorough and quantitative financial management could be maintained.

Sample Financial Statement Template

Name of the business/person ____________________ [mention the name of the business or the person whose financial statement is to be stated]

Date ____________ [dd/mm/yy date of presenting the financial statement]

Time period: From___________ to __________ [mention the timeline from a particular date to another whose financial statement is to be framed for future analysis]

Assets [mention about the following assets in order to frame an effective financial statement]

Amount [Elucidate the amount of the following assets for a better determination of the financial status]

  • ______________[ name of asset 1]            Amount ______[$ amount of asset 1]
  • ______________[ name of asset 2]            Amount ______[$ amount of asset 2]
  • ______________[ name of asset 3]            Amount ______[$ amount of asset 3]
  • ______________[ name of asset 4]            Amount ______[$ amount of asset 4]
  • ______________[ name of asset 5]            Amount ______[$ amount of asset 5]

Number of total asset_______                          Total amount of the assets ____________

Liabilities: [elucidate on the entire liabilities of the business or the person]

  • _________[ Name of liability 1]                  Amount _________[$ amount of liability 1]
  • _________[ Name of liability 2]                  Amount _________[$ amount of liability 2]
  • _________[ Name of liability 3]                  Amount _________[$ amount of liability 3]

Number of total liabilities ______________         Total amount of liabilities_________________

Signature of the concern authority_____________

Date _______________

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