Financial Service Statement

A financial service statement is a document which defines the manner in which a financial service provider aims to sell its investment policies to its potential buyers which may be individuals or companies. It should lay emphasis on their philosophy and believes to deal with the investments of the clients and manage the portfolio in the best possible manner leading to high returns. This statement helps the financial company to attract new segment of customers. Therefore, it should be clear, easy to understand and precise.

Sample Financial Service Statement

The following is the financial service statement prepared by Goblet Financial Services, a reputed firm in the financial service provider sector.  We aim to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in our relations with our clients. We promise to understand and know about your financial status and provide you with the best quality of services, information and products to enable you to accomplish your goals in the best possible manner. We are so confident about our business because of your below listed strengths:

  • We assist those clients who are committed to the goal of financial security and independence by working together as a team and work out our own financial path.
  • We work on minimal commissions.
  • We believe in the principle of personal responsibility, liberal management and practical and positive thinking to accomplish the objectives of our clients which are based on their dreams, concerns and values.
  •  We disclose full information to our customers regarding the diversity, flexibility and risk involved in their investment.
  • Our investment policy for proper portfolio management is based on asset allocation and broader diversification for a balanced return over a period of time.

All throughout the working period of our business we have managed to secure a good public image and long term and trustworthy relationship with our clients and we hope to continue the same in the upcoming years.