Financial Planning Mission Statement

A financial planning mission statement refers to the statement which dictates and depicts the respective organisation’s mission and focus when it comes to financial planning. The statement is evidence of how the company’s thought process goes when it comes to the management of its financial resources. Thus these types of statements must be drafted very carefully so as to ensure a clear picture for everybody who comes across the statement.

Sample Financial Planning Mission Statement:

Date: 25th August 2012

Company Name: Branson Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

About the Company:

Branson Enterprises entered the industry in a time of widespread instability 19 years ago and today we are proud to display a stable standing in the economy. The stability has been achieved with hard work of many years and we wish to serve the economy that we are a part of, by serving every single individual with utmost care and dedication.

The Mission- Financial Planning:

The world is facing a consecutively growing situation of adversity of all kinds of resources.  And financial resources are one of the most essential one along with human resources. Every business entity thus has a responsibility towards the economy and the community alike to make judicial and smart use of the finances available to them.

We believe in making the most out of every resource and have made it our mission to efficiently utilise all the financial resources. It is with this mission in our mind that we progress with the financial planning for the organisation as whole.

Every step of the financial planning progress has been framed to coincide with our mission of no wastage and optimum utilisation. To achieve this mission we:

  • Conduct regular financial analysis of the organisation and all the expenses/ investment that draw our financial resources.
  • Any inefficiency in the finance utilisation is corrected by immediate action of our financial experts.