Financial Planner Statement

A financial planner statement refers to the statement that an individual looking for a position as a financial planner provides to the prospective employer. The statement must convey why the individual wants that particular position and how he/ she is believes in his/ her suitability for the said position. It contains all of the positive traits, characteristics and skills of the individual which may help him/ her land the respective job. These statements must be clear and well framed to make a good and lasting impression on the officials who are screening for suitable candidates. Below given are some samples of these statements.

Sample Financial Planner Statement:

Statement 1: I hope to be employed in an organisation which provides it employees’ with the freedom to leap beyond clichés and work with innovation. In working at such a prestigious organisation, I wish to put to use my skills for finance into developing the best devices and mechanisms to financial planning.

Statement 2: Financial planning has been my strongest suit ever since the beginning of high school education. Working as a financial planner thus seems like the most natural fit and the best way that I can be the devoted in employing my skills and knowledge for the growth of a business entity and myself.

Statement 3: Working as a financial planner at this organisation will be the perfect opportunity for me to move towards my goal of becoming the best financial planner that my skills and abilities permit. Learning by working in the midst of such dedicated employees here is the best way to grow while contributing to the organisations’ success story.

Statement 4: The satisfaction I get from working as a financial planner is incomparable. I would thus like to peruse a career in this field and make the most of my education and training. Getting the opportunity to groom my finance skills at an organisation of such stature will be a pleasure and a true honour.