Financial Accounting Statement

A financial accounting statement is an official record of the financial activities of a company, a business house or an individual. This document is prepared by financial accountants, and it is an important tool for understanding financial performance and position of an individual or an enterprise. It should be carefully prepared, maintaining the accuracy of all the facts and figures.

Sample Financial Accounting Statement:

Financial Account Statement for the year 2011

Name of the individual: Mr. Tom Bates.

Date of presenting statement: 10th April, 2011.

Term period of the statement: April 2010 to April 2011.

Purpose: This financial accounting statement is prepared for the purpose of the person in concern’s tax assessment.


  • Land and building worth $ 110000
  • Personal car worth $ 250000
  • Personal insurance worth $ 200000
  • Medical insurance worth $ 50000
  • Car insurance worth $1000000
  • Home insurance worth $ 1300000

Total number of assets: 7

Total amount of assets: $ 2910000


  • A education loan worth $ 100000 (four years remain to clear off debts)
  • Car loan worth $ 90000 (to be paid by 20th July, 2010).
  • A home loan worth $ 250000 (to be cleared in the next ten years).

Total number of liabilities: 3

Total amount of liabilities: $ 440000

It is to be notified that the person in concern bears no other debts. All bills of credit card bills are paid till the month of March. There is no complain from the deponent’s banks and this statement is attached with attested photocopies of relevant financial documents.



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