Fellowship Research Statement

A fellowship research statement is a statement submitted by a student to his educational institution or the government officials. The main motive of writing this kind of statement is to request a fellowship or scholarship for the purpose of a research task that a student desire to conduct. The proposal of the research should be clearly understandable and should include each and every detail.

The purpose of the research should be in the benefit of the mankind and should not intent to harm anyone in any way. The research proposal should be efficient enough of attaining fellowship and professional opportunities.

Sample Fellowship Research Statement

Name of Student: Tressy Louge

Date of Birth: 18/07/1991

College/University: Patrick’s School of Computer Technology

Course Name/Code: 19876

Application Number: JR564

Personal Statement:

I am Tressy Louge a student of computer science and technology want to carry out a research in the field as a part of academic course.  I am interested in carrying out a deep investigation on the key aspects of trusted hardware. These include microchip security and the adequate use of cryptography, termed as cryptanalysis. With the increasing level of technology, the need of trusted hardware is also growing. The extensive use of trusted hardware, such as in payment methods, authentications and various communication devices, has gradually increased the demand of the same.

I hence, want to dig deep in the concepts and the problems that are being faced in various fields due to the same. I assure you that my research will be based on proper reasoning and instances. It will be capable enough of gaining fruitful results that will be proven beneficial for the world of information technology and will further serve the mankind. The research is efficient enough of generating a result that will be appreciated on both general and academic levels and will also grab outstanding professional opportunities.

Thanking you.

Tressy Louge,