Famous Artist Statement

A famous artist’s statement is a document that is drafted by an individual who is a popular artist and the public is familiar with his body of work. In the statement the artist must mention the kinds of work he has done and where they have been exhibited and in which year.

Sample Famous Artist Statement

My recent work includes a series of paintings that signify our existence and human relationships. The references for the paintaings have come from my experiences during my growing up years.  I come from a dysfunctional family and have had numerous strange experiences of human relationships as well as human existence and fight for survival.

I have created various series based on the two topics: existence and human relationships. They are as follows:

Fight for survival:

This particular series has paintings that give a picture of poverty and hunger around the world. I had once visited the under developed countries of Africa. There is lack of education, basic facilities in most of these countries. Above that war has almost destroyed the life of the inhabitants of the countries. In this particular series of paintings there were buyers from different parts of the world. This series was exhibited in the year 2010.

Dysfunctional relationships:

In this series, the paintings reflected the dysfunctional ties that exist in various human relationships. The painting also covered the issue of incest and sexual abuse within family. This particular series was appreciated by art critics around the world. I have also received a Motivating Artists Award of the year for this series.