Environmental Management Statement

In today’s epoch of continual environmental degradation, having a proper environmental management policy is a must for any industry and organization. An environmental management statement is a document which states the concerned management policies related to environment. Being a responsible corporate citizen, every individual of a particular organization must adhere to the policies of environmental management as stated in the statement.

The statement should be prepared by a professional environmental scientist and must be simple to adhere by. Additionally, the clauses stated in the statement should be as per the policies and guidelines laid down by the government bodies. Also, continuous amendment to the statement must be done so as to keep it updated at all times.

Sample Environmental Management Statement

The below is the Environmental Management Statement issued by XYZ Steel Industries Ltd, Glasgow on 5th July, 2011.

  • The company will continuously strive to improve the environmental performance and devise practical, meaningful and cost-effective means to achieve the desired performance.
  • The industry will also have a separate team which will be dedicated to look after the environmental issues caused by its production. This is a highly important aspect considering that the production of the steel industry often possess serious threat to the environment.
  • Regular inspection by independent bodies will be done to ensure that the industry does not possess threat of any kind to its immediate environment.
  • Continual upgrading of the equipments used so as to ensure that no harmful emission is caused.
  • Scheduling of training sessions for all the workers to make them aware of the environmental management policies and educate them to put those in practical utilization. Supervision of the workers in the aforesaid direction should also be done.
  • Continuous improvement of the environmental management policies for upbringing of the industry as a pioneer in environment-friendly manufacturer of steel.