Environment Management Statement

An environment management system is a statement of intention which has now become almost mandatory for companies, business organizations, industries, and institutions. It symbolizes an intention to protect and work towards re-establishing environmental equanimity and prevent waste disposal or environmental pollution. It should be clear in its objectives and carefully written after thorough research.

Sample Environment Management Statement


12 Redwood Rose Avenue

New York

Date: 12th June 2012

Environment Management Statement

DDS Computer Security Systems is a provider of data deletion services from the hard drive and other external devices. Apart from on-site data destruction we also cater to disposal of computer parts and their recycling.

“Awareness of the environment and a continual need to adjust our processes in conformity with the legal and federal regulations governing disposal of waste materials form a key part of our vision.”

________ John McKain

We aim at fulfilling the following objectives in synchronization with the company’s environmental management policy:

  • To follow established and approved industry practice in disposing of used computer parts and to recycle them in a non-toxic and non-hazardous manner as much as possible.
  • To train our staff in the need to follow environmental guidelines, complemented by awareness campaigns, green incentives and general upholding of norms.
  • To regularly review our environmental management policy and ensure that it takes into account changing circumstances and regulations.

In order to ensure these guidelines come into effect we conform to the following rules and regulations:

  • We are registered with the SEPA Carrier of Controlled Waste.
  • We operate on ISO 14001 management procedures.

We reiterate our responsibility towards the environment and affirm that we shall not do anything to seriously jeopardize our chance at having an equal, benevolent and healthy environmental existence.



[John McKain]


DDS Computer Security Systems