Employee Statements

The employee statements, as the name suggests, are official statements that tell about the details of an employee, often a new recruit. A company always needs to issue individual or unique employee statements to each its workers due to the following main reasons –

  • The legal framework of a country makes it mandatory to do so.
  • The finance-centric fraternity of an economy has regulatory norms for need of the issuance of employee statements.
  • The labor management issues become a much organized affair within the company if it keeps tabs on each of its workers via unique employee statements.


Simple Statement of Work Template

Simple Statement of Work Template

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Printable Mission Statement in Google Docs

Printable Mission Statement in Google Docs

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The major features or details of the employment statements are written as under:-

  • The name of the employee.
  • The date of joining the company.
  • The particular designation or the position at which the employee has/will be joined/joining the company.
  • The gender of the employee.
  • The official date of birth of the employee.
  • Some of the companies make it a provision to include the blood group and fingerprint of the employee on the employee statement paper.
  • The contact details of the employee that include the street address, city name with the pin code, phone number and email id. Moreover, in some of the cases, the feature of a secondary contact address is included.
  • The current/starting remuneration of the employee.
  • The details of cost to the company for recruiting and keeping the employee in the professional coterie.
  • The location and relevant contact details of the particular head/branch office of the company that recruits the person.
  • Other relevant remuneration details of the employee and the tax obligations are also included in the employee statement.
  • If the employee is a foreign citizen, then it is mandatory to mention the current visa status of the employee and tenure of its validity.

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