Employee Witness Statement

An employee witness statement is a document which outlines the participation of an employee in the issue of a criminal or civil case in which his company is involved in some manner. Such a document makes an assessment of the employee’s statement with regards to the case and it has legal validity and hence must be written with complete accuracy.

Sample Employee Witness Statement:

Name of employee: Robin Holding

Designation: Employee

Current position: Assistant Secretary to the Executive Director

Date of submission of employee witness statement: 3rd August 2010

Nature of injury: The employee was sexually harassed, as she claims, by her superior in office premises on the night of 19th January 2010.

Employee witness statement: this employee witness stamen is a testimonial of my harassment at the hands of my immediate superior Mr. John Proctor on the night of 19th January 2010. I was about to leave office as usual at 7 30 pm when the said individual accosted me. He made obscene gestures and at my threatening to raise an alarm he forced himself upon me. I was morally and physically traumatized and upon escaping, I made my complaint at Regent Street PS on that night itself.

[FIR number 7236256].

List of witnesses who will corroborate my statement: Janice Sequoia and Tom Moody

I understand that I am part of a trial and any statement I make can be used against me. I understand the terms and condition of an employee witness statement and extend my full help and cooperation to the investigating authorities.

Signature of employee: ______________

Date: _____________________

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