Employee Wage Statement

An employee wage statement is a piece of paper work provided to them as a pay advice, pay stub or pay slip by the organization they are working for. This statement is the breakdown of an employee’s entire pay for a month or year which helps the employer to analyze the cost of hired labors and help them to communicate this information to the employees as well. Therefore, it should be prepared cautiously yet with a succinct approach.

Sample Employee Wage Statement

Name of the business/organization: HTC IT Solutions and Outsourcing Ltd.

The financial year end provides us an excellent opportunity of assessing the entire cost of hired labors and communicating the information it in details to the employees as well. This is a process both employees and employer could recognize total cost/benefits of the employed people. Therefore, the company takes the privilege of producing Employee Wage Statement to all concerning employees.

Name of the employee: Francis Toberoune

Employee id: FT 234099

Date of issuing the employee wage statement: 31st June 2011

Basic Salary/Wage: $30000

Travel allowance: $500

Other Incentives which include food coupon, transport charge, medical bills, 20% of children education etc: $2300

Bonus: $300

Sum of Direct Cash compensation: $550

Insurances which includes medical-claim, life insurance, health insurance, other policies: $250

Cost of other utilities: $220

Premium on retirement plan: $250

Sum of no-cash benefits and fringe: $1000

This wage statement is produced by the account’s department of the company as per the information saved in company’s account book. Do contact immediately incase of any wrong declaration of wage statement.

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