Employee Statement Template

An employee statement template is a framed document which serves as a model for the formulation of an employee statement. An employee statement highlights the career objectives of an employee. An employee statement provides an estimate of an employee’s professional directions as well as gauges his commitment to the company he works for.

Sample Employee Statement Template

Name of employee: ____________________________

Designation: _________________________________ [Provide the relevant information about the employee]

Date of submission of employee statement: _______________________________ [Mention the appropriate date]

This employee statement represents my vision for my company as well as personal growth. I believe the two cannot be separated and my sincerity and hard work will surely result in success for both.

Aims and objectives:

  • Objective 1: ___________________________________________
  • Objective 2: ___________________________________________
  • Objective 3: ___________________________________________ [Mention some of the aims and objectives of the employee in order to present a clear idea of where he wants his career to head]

Professional success:

Professional success to me is: ___________________________________________ [Provide an account of what professional success means to an employee. This will provide a good indication as to his spirit and his capability for bringing in needed change]

Professional success is contingent on:

  • Factor 1: ____________________________
  • Factor 2: _____________________________
  • Factor 3: ______________________________ [Mention some factors on which professional success is dependent. This will allow a glimpse in to an employee’s reasoning and thought process]


Experience of working in this company and in this particular position and the course to be taken: _________________________________________________________________________ [Mention the employee’s experience of work in this company and position and where he sees himself headed]

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