Employee Salary Statement

Employee salary statement is an overview of the benefits and allowances received as part of the salary by an employee from his company. It is written by an accountant under the supervision of an officer in charge of determining the salary with sizeable understanding of pay administration. It must be enunciated carefully so that nothing gets omitted happenstance.

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Sample Employee Salary Statement

Employee Salary Statement

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The statements given below provide a quick view of the salary structure the employee is entitled to that becomes operative from the date of joining the firm. The decisions taken by the board is final and the employee cannot question them under any circumstances.

Name of the employee: Madison Homer

Name of the company: Diva Consultancies

Tile of the job: Senior Technical Engineer

Date of joining: 4th June, 2011

Prior work experience:

  • Technical advisor at Falcon Engineering Group
  • Technical supervisor at HVL Cars

Specific Salary Statements

1. Statements specific to the employee

Basic monthly salary:                  $40, 000

Medical insurance and hospital benefits:       $500

Accident insurance outside workplace:         $ 600

Accident insurance within workplace:          $700

Pension fund reservations:                            $300

Employee’s net monthly salary:                   $42100

The amount of salary payable to the employee every month minus the occasional bonuses has been fixed at Forty-two thousand and one hundred dollars.

2. Statements specific to the employee’s family and entertainment

Family allowance fund:                               $200

Travel allowance fund:                                $3000

Periodical sickness benefit allowance:        $500

Employee’s net parent’s wage cost:            $3700

The total amount of parents’ wage cost inclusive of premiums has been fixed at Three thousand and seven hundred dollars.

Signature of Manager: _________________________________

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