Employee Recognition Statement

An employee recognition statement is an accreditation by a company of an employee or employees in general that it employs. Such a document, an attestation to an employee’s worth as an individual as well as a productive employee, is extremely crucial as a morale booster as well as crediting a worker with due respect. Hence an employee recognition statement must be written well and with consideration.

Statement of Work Template in Word

Statement of Work Template in Word

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Sample Employee Recognition Statement

Name of company: Soft Tonic Inc.

Year of establishment: 2001

Number of employees currently a part of the work of force: 200

Employee Recognition and our response to it:

  • Employee recognition is the most important manner in which we can finally felicitate our valuable work force in the manner it most deserves.
  • It is an honor and starts with existential recognition which recognizes every employee as a worker, with a right to express himself and with a right to exist.
  • Recognition of work practices and recognition of dedication to work are other ways in which we value our employees. This entails an assessment of their working record, their skills, their dedication to the job and their value as team players.
  • Employee recognition culminates in both material as well as more abstract benefits for the said employees. Bonuses, performance incentives, perks are all means of recognizing their services. However, even on a non-material level like daily interactions, such employee recognition results bear fruit and motivate employees to give their best.

Last words: The purpose of this employee recognition statement is to identify the ways in which we conduct this process, and what employee recognition means to us as a company.

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