Employee Privacy Statement

An employee privacy statement is clearly a document that outlines the various policies that ensure privacy of employees in a particular company or organization. Employee details are important to any company or business firm, but the privacy of the employee is equally important and that is entirely the responsibility of the governing institution. Hence the statement needs to be a detailed layout of all such policies.

Sample Employee Privacy Statement:

Alchemist Corporations

45, Warsaw Lane


00 44 – 20 – 652846379877


Employee privacy statement prepared on: 15th July, 2011

Privacy statement prepared by:

  • Mr. Richard Martin, Executive Head.
  • Miss Samantha John, PR Manager.
  • Mr. Marc Stephen, Head of Research and Development Group.
  • Miss Emily Brown, HR General.
  • Miss Naomi Jones, President of Employee’s Desk

Application of the privacy statement:

We aim our privacy statement to all our employees, at all levels of jobs. It will always be our prime concern to ensure total corporate and legal security by such a policy that preserves each individual’s privacy.

Our privacy policy:

  • We promise to keep all personal information collected from the employees within the company documents and will not spread it anytime elsewhere.
  • Videos, photographs, voice recordings, emails and all such technical documents will be protected and used only for the company’s interest and that even to the best of the employee’s knowledge.
  • Resumes, interview and appointment letters, notes, references, acknowledgement sheets, etc. will all be ensured complete privacy.
  • Salary information, emergency contact details, identification number and code of employees, beneficiary address will be used only by the concerned firm.
  • Personal information of employees such as date of birth, educational qualification, marital status, physical disabilities, etc. will all be kept confidential.






[Signature of all officials]

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