Employee of the Year Statement

Employee of the year statement is stated by an organization for any one of its employee who have delivered outstanding performance and have achieved maximum profit for the business. Such a statement should be stated articulately so that it serves as a note of certification for the employee to whom it is being presented.

Sample Employee of the Year Statement

Employee of the Year Statement

Date of presenting the Statement: 23rd June 2011

Name of the organization: Turburn Chocolate Co.

The Employee of the Year statement is prepared by recognizing the man who has devoted his effort for the organization throughout the year, whose outstanding performance helped us to earn profit, gain status in global market and ultimately helped us in delivering quality performance to our potential clients.

This statement is for that person who apart from meeting the job expectation also played as a team leader in guiding his subordinates and supporting hand for his colleagues. It is a way we want to convey our appreciation and wishes to that person who have created a remarkable significance in the organization throughout the year.

Judging the overall performance of the employees, the board-of –directors has chosen Mr. Daniel Samuel as the most suitable and desirable employee of the year.  This person have not only lent his devotion but also helped the company to prosper and achieve what it desired for by his association.

Therefore, the entire team of Turburn Chocolate Co. thanks him for his support, devotion, performance as a team worker.

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