Employee Non-Disclosure Statement

Employee non-disclosure statement puts down the agreement between the employer and the employee that primarily rules the non-disclosure aspects of a deal. The statements point out those components of the business that the employee has to keep undisclosed under any state of affair. These are planned according to the company policies and ethics and written by qualified professionals.

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Sample Employee Non-Disclosure Statement

Employee Non-Disclosure Statement

Download Employee Non-Disclosure Statement

The Disclosing Party:

Name of the employer: Dr. Adam Gilchrist

Occupation: Psychiatrist

Address of the chamber: 4, Lindsay Street, Boston

The Receiving Party:

Name of the employee: Sarah Middleton

Post of the job: Personal Assistant

Contact address: 67, Loudon Avenue, Boston

Non-disclosure Statements

It is stipulated herein that the below-mentioned statements, containing information related to the client and clients’ medical problems, will be kept strictly confidential and will not be revealed to any third party, whether involved or uninvolved in the case, without employer’s prior consent.

Statement 1: The personal details of the client or any of his acquaintances accompanying him to the clinic will be kept secret, including name, address, psychiatric ailment, appointment dates, schedule of the sessions and improvement possibilities.

Statement 2: All documents carrying the clients’ personal information will be safeguarded with expected degree of honesty and candour, in a locked closet and must be procured only during the time it is required.

Statement 3: The mode of treatment and reports of the patient in and out of the session will not be divulged to any of his or her family members including one’s spouse, parent, sibling, colleague and friends.

Employer’s signature: ______________________

Employee’s signature: ______________________

Date: _____________




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