Employee Goal Statement

Employee goal statement is an orderly framework of the clearance method of targets and objectives that are assigned to the employees or are developed by their own to meet the company’s performance principles. The goals must be realistic, designed according to the employee’s potentials so that the employee can reach them successfully and remain motivated throughout.

Sample Employee Goal Statement

Employee Goal Statement

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Name of the employee: Jessica Johansson

Gender: Female

Residential address: 6, Ginger Road, Suez

Name of the company: Flora Boutique

Job position: Flower Designer

Nature of work: The handiwork includes stage wise approach towards the main goal of accomplishing a design practically. The tasks involve assembling the raw materials, conceiving a design sketch on paper and then putting together ones knowledge, skills and experience into developing the model.

Years of experience: 5

Skills required: Artistic

To whom it may concern

The following is the list of goals set for the employees that the company looks forward to having been established for carrying out its business process.

  • The first and foremost objective lies in the performance standards officially laid down by the company authorities. Employees are expected to meet the standards and exceed them in terms of quality service and quantity presentation.
  • The second important goal is submission of the work within or on the date of the deadline set and any kind of deferment would be duly castigated.
  • The third important consideration is to defy the challenges that come in the way of the goals like worker protests, absence and resource unavailability for well-timed goal establishment.

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