Employee Earning Statement

Employee earning statement is an important financial document presented by the employees of any organizations to the government for the process of tax implications. Such a document should be prepared accurately by declaring all the earnings of an individual so as to carry out a transparent tax exemption process.

Sample Employee Earning Statement

Employee earning statement issued by: Bakery Food Ltd.

This document of employee earning statement describes all the items of an employee’s earnings clearly and it can be presented by the employee for income tax proceedings or kept as an evidence of earning.

Date of issuing the employee earning statement: 1st March 2011

Name of the employee: Tim Jackson

Department of Job: Food Processing and Quality Assurance Division

Employee id number: 5878766

Basic salary received: $10000

Other remuneration includes:

  • House Rent – $250
  • Food Coupons- $25
  • Transport charges: $150
  • Travel allowance: $2000 [This amount is provided to the employer once within a  financial year]

Non-taxable benefits:

  • Insurance policies [ this include life insurances, heath insurances, medical insurances etc]

Total amount of premium offered by the company for the purpose insurance policies: $350

  • Payment on tours due to office work for the last month: $1768 [ This include vehicle cost accommodation charge, special work delivery allowance etc]

This employee earning statement is being prepared as per the data available with the company. This statement is being presented on a basis of monthly earning of the employee. Suppression of any information may lead to legal implications.

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