Employee Disclosure Statement

Employee disclosure statements delve into the criteria laid down for the employees, that they have to fulfil completely without failure and any strain of contradiction with the criteria would result in immediate dismissal or exemption of the employee. The statements must be made in accordance with the company rules and regulations and upheld by the employees rigorously.

You can Download the Free Employee Disclosure Statement, customize it according to your needs and Print. Employee Disclosure Statement is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Employee Disclosure Statement

Employee Disclosure Statement

Download Employee Disclosure Statement

The statements given below clearly define the conditions under which employment would be allowed. If any employee is found to go against the stipulations even for once, he or she may stand disqualified from employment without a word of warning.

Name of the employee: Mr. Harold Fulcrum

Job status: Junior level Engineer

Department: Technical

Date of joining: 5th September, 2011

Disclosure Statements

The employee has to affirm that he has remained uninvolved and detached from any of the following statements as assurance against future ignominy. In case of any discrepancy in providing information, the employee will be completely accountable to the decision-making board.

1. No case of conviction or accuse has taken place against the employee for any kind of criminal transgression involving other people, adults or children, in the past.

2. There have been no charges levelled against the employee on the basis of exploitation or misconduct in his past workplaces.

3. He stands free from any sort of mental, physical and functional disabilities apart from the ones already informed in the preliminary rounds.

4. A past history or present habit of drug abuse (crack and alcohol), especially in working hours, must not be present.

Signature of employee: ___________________________________

Date: ______________

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