Employee Counselling Statement

An employee counselling statement represents a written warning which is given to an employee who is a consistent underperformer and commits mistakes that results in great loss for the company. It is done by a professional human resource counsellor who issues the warning after judging the employee’s actions, behaviour, work mode and attendance and gives some apposite ways to rectify his errors or change the situation.

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Sample Employee Counselling Statement

Employee Counselling Statement

Download Employee Counselling Statement

Name of the employee: Monica Stuart

Gender: Female

Age: 30 years

Permanent address: 4, JK Apartments, Boston

Job post: Personal Assistant

Time of service: 6 months

Major complaints:

  • The said employee is irregular to work that causes a great deal of inconvenience on a daily basis. In two months, she has remained absent from work for about two weeks.
  • She has shown severe blunder in her six-month job course wherein she has given same dates for appointment to two different clients and forgotten to inform the superiors about important phone-calls.

Performance Counselling Statements of the Employee

Observation: The employee had been charged for a variation of mistakes on the following days in the context of some very high profile projects:

  • 10th January, 2010 (South City Project)
  • 4th February, 2010 (Westwind Contract)
  • 25th March, 2010 (Saki Joint Venture)

Expectations: While handling projects of supreme importance for the company, such mistakes are unpardonable. We expect you to concentrate more on the assigned task.

Time limit: You will be given 30 days to improve and bring marked difference to your performance.

Consequences: You will be fired from work if you fail to show the changes desired.

Signature of HR Manager: ________________________________________

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