Employee Commitment Statement

An employee commitment statement is an official document, which drafts the dedication and commitment of a particular employee towards his work and the company for which he is working. It is usually prepared by an employee assessor, on the basis of the employee’s performance, his past works, his conduct, and a rapid interview. This document is presented to the employer or the company manager.

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Sample Employee Commitment Statement:

Employee Commitment Statement

Download Employee Commitment Statement

Name of the company: Black Water Pvt. Ltd.

Name of the employee: Mr. Antony Rogers.

Designation of the employee: Marketing Coordinator.

Date of statement submission: 15th of January, 2011.

The employee commitment statement is prepared after minutely evaluating and examining the past works and performance of the employee in the company. It is to find out the devotion, dedication and commitment of the employee towards his or her work. A rapid fire interview was also conducted by the employee assessor, to judge the person’s level of confidence and zeal, and his talents and potentials.

The findings and evaluation shows that the employee does his work with complete dedication and commitment. He is trained and is a competent individual, who understands his work and is able to perform and carry them with ease. He is committed to whatever he does, and always produces his work in timely fashion, without any mistake. Doing justice to his position, he effectively coordinates the marketing department, and ensures that the other staffs, associated with his work, do their work properly.

The overall performance of the individual is satisfactory, and the commitment rating of the staff can be rated as 8.5/10.

__________________________                                            ________________________

(Signature of employee assessor)                                         (Signature of general manager)

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