Employee Benefit Statement

Employee benefit statement is an affirmation of the advantages designed for a particular employee working at a particular level. It takes in all the general and specific gains of holding the job successfully. The statements must be proclaimed by studying the allowances specially tailored for individual employees and written down honestly without making any error or omission anywhere.

You can Download the Free Employee Benefit Statement, customize it according to your needs and Print. Employee Benefit Statement is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Employee Benefit Statement

Employee Benefit Statement

Download Employee Benefit Statement

The statements here affirm the general and specific provisions of the job in terms of the benefits to be enjoyed by the employee. The benefits will be paid in cash or kind within the specified date.

Name of the employee: Mr. Vela Standmark

Position of the employee: Head Administrative Officer

Name of the company: GK Group of Real Estate

Years of rendering service: 4 years

Date of enrolment: 5th January, 2007

Qualitative background:

  • Bachelors in Business Science
  • Masters in Business Administration
  • Doctorate in Business Administration

Basic Benefit Statements

1. Life insurance plans

Basic life insurance:                                                                                                        $200

Supplemental life insurance:                                                                                           $100

Family or Group life insurance:                                                                                      $100

Dependents’ life insurance (optional only if the employee has to take someone           $150

Else’s care)             :

2. Absence insurance plans

Ephemeral disability insurance:                                                                                   $300

Long term disability insurance:                                                                                    $600

Premeditated absence insurance:                                                                                $600

3. Health plans

Cancer insurance:                                                                                                       $800

Accident insurance:                                                                                                    $600

Medical leave insurance:                                                                                            $700

Dental benefits:                                                                                                          $500

Vision benefits:                                                                                                          $500

Check-up benefits:                                                                                                     $500

4.  Retirement plans

Provident fund:                                                                                                         $400

Gratuity fund:                                                                                                           $400

Retirement compensatory annuity:                                                                          $4000

Tax protection allowance:                                                                                        $2000

Net contributions:                                                                                                    $12450.00

Employee gets entertainment tax deduction benefits and travel allowances as marginal benefits.

Signature of the employer: ___________________________________

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