Employee Accident Statement

An employee accident statement is a document which outlines the company’s policy towards employees who are hurt while on the job. It must highlight the company’s stand on accident compensation, transfer of job in case of employee’s death to the next of kin, as well as general position towards employees who are injured while on the job, or even outside the purview of their work.

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Sample Employee Accident Statement:

Employee Accident Statement

Download Employee Accident Statement

The following is the employee accident statement issued by our company, Richardson Iron Works Pvt. Ltd., on the 5th of May 2011, under Section 67 of Article 2 of the Employee Welfare Scheme:

We are extremely concerned about employee welfare and thus, to this end, we have devised an employee accident statement which we believe, though unable to compensate for the loss of life or limb of an individual, will offer some relief to distressed employees or bereaved family members.

  • Group A staff: In case of an accident “on site”, the injured employee will be offered $200000 as compensation, and in case of a casualty on site, the next of kin of the employee shall be offered a Group B [non-technical] job  along with the $200000 compensation.
  • Group B staff: In case of accident “on site”, the injured employee shall receive a compensation of $100000. In case of a death, the next of kin shall be granted the deceased employee’s job as well as the compensation of $100000.

Noticed ratified by: The Executive Council, Richardson Iron Works Pvt. Ltd.

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