Education Statements

Education statements promote the needs of an education. These texts sketch the requirements of learners, feature the teaching methods and they determine the main priorities while establishing the process of learning. In many countries, teachers are compelled to submit these to parents of a ward to ensure the wards proper educational upbringing. Then a response period begins.

Parents may then brood over and respond to the advices and strategies provided in the statement. The teachers also have to create such statements when they are studying teaching as well as while applying for a teaching job.
In the statement, the following must be present:-

  • The main weaknesses as well as strengths of the child involved.
  • The method by which he can be made to learn more as well as how parents maybe a part of it.
  • While applying for a job a teacher may write how he/she wishes to achieve his goal of educating all his students.
  • You must explain what learning is and how you shall execute your teaching plan.

An education statement may be of many types such as:

  • Philosophy of education statement: These statements are submitted by a teacher to his/her employer to explain his philosophy of teaching and his plans during teaching.
  • General statement of education: These statements are written when a teacher elucidates the strengths and educational capabilities of a student and how he has to learn more. Parents have to respond to this statement.

An educational statement is important in both the above cases. In case of a philosophy, statement the institution gets to know the capabilities of a teacher and how much he/she is interested in educating students. A general statement assesses a student such that the parents may get to know his educational performance and work on it. This betters a student’s capabilities.

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