Education Statement Template

An education statement template is a frame which highlights the way to write a correct education statement. An education statement template can be written by a teacher outlining a student’s merits and weaknesses and incorporating suggestions for change. It may also be written by a student outlining his or her plans for the future. The former is more common.

Sample Education Statement Template:

Name of student: ____________________________

Class: _______________________ Section: ______________________

Roll Number: ______________________________ [Mention the particulars of the student for whom the education statement is being compiled]

Academic performance:

This section provides an assessment of the academic performance of the student and incorporates some suggestions which are valuable.


Merit 1: ______________________

Merit 2: ________________________

Merit 3: _______________________ [Mention some of the areas in which the student has shown signs of industriousness or even excellence. The education statement of a student must be encouraging and optimistic]

Areas which need attention:

Area 1: _____________________

Area 2: _____________________

Area 3: _____________________ [Mention some areas of the student’s academic performance which need attention from parents]

Extracurricular activities:


Merit 1: ____________________

Merit 2: ____________________

Merit 3: _______________________ [As with the academic section, in this section too, areas where the student has shown interest and talent must be identified and praised before his weaknesses are highlighted]

Areas which need attention:

Attention 1:  ________________________________

Attention 2: _________________________________

Attention 3: ________________________________ [Provide the relevant information]

Final comments about the student’s overall performance: ____________________________________________________________________________ [Provide an estimate of the student’s performance in order to conclude the education statement template]

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