Education Statement Format

An education statement format can be of many types depending on the nature of the education statement. Often an education statement is prepared by a teacher or teachers for the benefit of students and parents. These outline the needs of the students and the approach which will be taken. Sometimes they are written by students to frame their education objectives as well.

Sample Education Statement Format:

Name of student: ____________________________________

Education statement prepared by: _______________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph of an education statement must indicate a few qualities of the student for whom this education statement is being prepared by a concerned teacher. It must address his or her academic performance and highlight the areas which need improvement. The weak aspects of the student’s academic base must be emphasized in a gentle manner so that the education statement prepared is honest and unbiased without being unduly harsh.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph of an education statement must highlight the corrective steps that must be taken to ensure improvement or change in the performance of the student. It must be clear and precise and practical solutions must be provided. The solutions or suggestions must be specific to the student and be achievable. This is the most important section of the education statement which gives it its value.

Third Paragraph: The third paragraph of an education statement must round off with encouraging comments on the student’s meritorious qualities and form a fitting conclusion to the education statement. It must be written well with deep understanding and compassion.

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