Education Diversity Statement

An education diversity statement is a document which states the intention of an educational institution with regards to offering varied courses, to students from all kinds of backgrounds. It is both a statement highlighting the variation in courses offered by the institution, as well as an anti-discriminatory statement, in a sense. An education diversity statement may also be issued by a government or private educational body to affirm its principles towards education, and lay down its education policy.

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Sample Education Diversity Statement:

Education Diversity Statement

Download Education Diversity Statement

The following is the education diversity statement offered by Mayfair University, New York, issued on the 14th of August 2011:

Name of educational institution: Mayfair University

Address: 45 Kensington Avenue, New York

Year of establishment: 1896

Purpose of education diversity statement:

  • To highlight the varied choices we offer our students in the humanities and social sciences.
  • To ensure that students from all kinds of financial and familial backgrounds get a chance to receive education at one of the most prestigious and ancient universities of the country.
  • To ensure that there is no discrimination at all with respect to the financial situation of the student. We offer scholarships for meritorious students, and other kinds of freeships and grants are available as well.

The main tenets of our education diversity statement:

  • We offer a number of unique courses in the social sciences like comparative philology, comparative literature, structuralism and poststructuralist theory, history of the book, printing technology and editing and publishing.
  • We invite applications from every student who is eligible. We admit students purely based on academic merit.

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